10 Best Nerf Videos on YouTube

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Happy Hump Day! In the spirit of midweek productivity, we surfed the best of the ‘net to find the funniest, most epic Nerf videos on YouTube. From Nerf wars worthy of an action movie to classic Nerf fails, to help you make it through your week with a blast and a laugh.

The Best Nerf Videos on YouTube

Nerf Videos YouTube Epic Slo Mo Raytheon

1. Epic Slo Mo

You know that mental image you have of yourself when you’re in the heat of battle? Like you’re the star in a Nerf remake of a Jason Statham flick, leaping over lawn furniture in a blaze of glory? Sorry to burst your bubble. We all look ridiculous when we take a Nerf dart to the face.

Nerf Videos YouTube Little Dude Nerf Fail Raytheon

2. Little Dude Nerf Fail

Sometimes we set out to be YouTube heros only to become, well… not. Little man gets an A for effort in this clip. Hey, enthusiasm counts for something. Keep on blasting, buddy. You’ll reach PDK-levels of YouTube fame in no time.

Nerf Videos YouTube Escalated Fast Raytheon

3. Well that escalated quickly.


Nerf Videos YouTube Pen Clicker Raytheon

4. Office Showdown

There is no YouTube video that better captures the essence of office life than this one. Anyone who has ever spent 8 hours in a cubicle next to a pen-clicker will relate. We believe that Nerf blasters should be standard office supplies along with staplers and Post-It notes.

Nerf Videos YouTube Nerf War Master Raytheon

5. Nerf War Master

The guys at Gun vs. Gun are known for their over-the-top Nerf productions and this is no exception. A favorite video for any Nerf enthusiast. Thanks fellas for teaching us the ol’ pizza bait n’ blast. Soon to be the oldest trick in the book.

Nerf Videos YouTube Trump v Hillary Raytheon

6. Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton

We think elections would be more fun if America came together and decided this is how we were going to pick our next president. Dexterity and stealth are as important as international relations and a deep understanding of federal finance regulations… right?

 Nerf Videos YouTube PDK One Million Raytheon

7. PDK One Million

If you’re serious about Nerf, there’s no way you haven’t seen this video yet. These guys are the best when it comes to producing wild, consistent, Nerf action videos and honest product reviews. Much love for PDK.

Nerf Videos YouTube Boy v Girl Raytheon

8. Nerf War: Boy vs. Girl

This one is bound to make you nostalgic for childhood. Long before Nerf started manufacturing pink blasters, our big sisters held down the title of Nerf War champs in most of our households growing up. There are a lot of Nerf Boy vs. Girl YouTube videos on the net, but this one really takes us back.

Nerf Videos YouTube Roommate v Roommate Raytheon

9. Roommate vs. Roommate

Nerf has been the unofficial peace broker for roommate disputes for decades. Dirty dishes? Nerf war. Control over the remote? Nerf war. Who has to clean the toilet? Nerf war. There really isn’t a dilemma that can’t be solved with a bucket of Nerf darts. Oh man, did we just develop a plan for world peace?

Nerf Videos YouTube Cat Video Raytheon

10. Obligatory Cat Video

A friend told us that we can’t publish a “Best of YouTube” list without a cat video. It’s a rule or something. So here is a video of an adorable kitten stealing Nerf darts. You’re welcome.

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