5 Nerf Games for the Whole Family

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Your only limit is your imagination when it comes to Nerf blasters. Every day kids are flexing their brains to come up with new and inventive games to play with these fun and versatile toys. If a “Nerf war” isn’t an activity that your family would enjoy, there are plenty of other options for endless fun with your blasters. Here are our top five picks for Nerf family activities:

1. Nerf Capture the Flag

    Nerf capture the flag is essentially Nerf War Lite. Invite the neighbors and split up into two teams. Each team has a “flag” -- you can use two different brightly colored T-shirts -- and place the flags at opposite ends of the backyard or in an open area in a park. The obvious objective is to capture the other team’s flag.

    Each team designates a “jail” for their captives. For example, the captives must keep an arm’s distance from a specific tree. Normally capture the flag is played by tagging players on the opposite team. Tagged players go to the jail and can be released by being tagged back into the game by a member of the opposite team. In the Nerf version of this game the blasters replace “tagging.” Instead of tagging players in and out of the game, if you are hit with a Nerf dart you go to jail. This is a really great way everyone to have fun and get a lot of exercise!

    2. Nerf Blaster Freeze Tag

      Much like capture the flag, freeze tag is traditionally played by tagging players who have to stand still until they are “unfrozen” (defrosted?) by another player who crawls between their legs. The last person left who is not frozen, becomes the tagger in the next match. Instead of tagging people frozen, use Nerf blasters. Any time a player is hit with a Nerf dart they are frozen. Other players can still unfreeze frozen players by crawling between their legs.

      3. Nerf Splatter Art

        Set up a few large posterboards or easels outside. On a folding table, arrange different acrylic paint colors in bowls. Dip the tip of the Nerf darts into the paint and blast them at your “canvas.” You might want to look into bulk Nerf darts if this is going to be a regular activity in your home. You’ll end up with creative and surprising results!

        4. Plastic Cup ‘Blasting’ Gallery

          This is a simple activity that can be a lot of fun at a birthday party, family game night, or on a rainy day! Set up standard plastic Solo cups in pyramid towers and create a blasting gallery. Have fun picking them off with your Nerf Blasters. Maybe knocking down the whole tower is the goal or you can make the game more challenging by calling out which specific cup you’re going to take out. Take the game to the next level and pick up some dollar store prizes to make the activity feel like a carnival game. This game is guaranteed to inspire some healthy trash talk between your family.

          5. Swinging Nerf Targets

          If the stationary targets in a Nerf blasting gallery aren’t much of a challenge for your family, kick it up a notch with swinging Nerf targets. Using string, painter’s tape, and the same standard plastic solo cups, you can hang targets from just about anywhere.

          Just punch a hole in the bottom of the cup and thread the string through, tying a knot inside the cup so it can hang. Cut the strings at various lengths and use the painter’s tape to tape them to ceilings inside the house or inside doorways. You could also hang them from a tree branch outside. Keep score and create some friendly competition on family game night!

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