5 Nerf Storage Solutions to Fit Your Level of Commitment

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Easy Nerf Storage Solution: Shoe Rack

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1. The Minimal Effort, Minimal Cost Nerf Storage Solution

Hanging shoe racks provide a cost effective solution for the Nerf Enthusiast who dabbles. Back-of-door shoe racks have enough room to store your Nerf blasters and Nerf darts if you like to accept the occasional invite to a Nerf war.

Another benefit to this approach to Nerf storage is that it keeps your hobby out-of-sight. This is a great idea for the Nerf lover with a mother, partner, or roommate who would prefer the clutter out of view. Everyone wins.

Nerf Storage Solutions: Bulk Nerf Darts

2. The Nerf Dart Storage Solution

If you are participating in wars more often than you anticipated, you’ll need to start buying your darts in bulk. When the time comes the best solution is simple clear plastic storage drawers -- the kind you buy for a college dorm room -- so you can grab and go.

This is another option that can easily be tucked away in a closet and out-of-sight if you’re not quite ready to start planning the construction of your epic Nerf wall just yet (but believe us, that time will come).

Nerf Gun Storage: Hooks

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3. The Nerf Storage Solution for a Growing Collection

S Hooks and Rails. This approach to storage is simple enough, but requires a bit more effort. We think this is one of the more attractive ways to display your growing Nerf collection. As a bonus, it allows you to build the coveted “Nerf wall” at your own pace.

As your collection grows you can add more rails of various lengths and stack or line them up with multiple hooks as your collection grows. Perfect for the beginner who is starting to think about the storage requirements for his new Nerf hobby.

Nerf Gun Storage: Nerf Wall

4. The Classic Nerf Wall

You may tell yourself that you’re just joining your friends on the weekends for some Nerf action, but trust us -- this will quickly evolve into a full-blown obsession. When that time comes you’ll be ready for The Wall. Signs that you’re ready for a Nerf wall:

  • You can’t walk anywhere in your bedroom without stepping on a Nerf dart.
  • Your dresser contains more blasters than clothes.
  • Your closet looks like a commercial Nerf warehouse.

White pegboard is incredibly cheap, easy to install, and you can find it at any Home Depot or Lowes. The pegboard gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of how to stack and display your Nerf blasters. The bench below it is more expensive, but from Ikea so it’s still relatively affordable. This would be a great spot to stash darts, magazines, tactical vests, shoulder straps, and other accessories.

DIY Custom Nerf Storage Solution: Upcycled Furniture

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5. The DIY Custom Nerf Storage Solution

We feel like this upcycled armoire is the first step before you start getting crazy with LED lights, dedicating a room to Nerf storage, finishing a basement, or building an addition on your house. This is definitely a fun way to store all things Nerf in your home.

We like this approach because it’s creative, resourceful, and could really be tricked out to have a Deadpool I’m-on-my-way-to-kick-some-ass appeal. Depending on the size of the furniture, you could definitely maximize the space to get the storage capacity of the Nerf Wall with all the benefits of the concealed solutions.

For Nerf war strategies and Nerf gear, check out Ray Squad. Remember to have fun out there and check out our VIP Club for amazing perks for Nerf lovers.

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