5 Closet Storage Ideas for Your Nerf Habit

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Cheap and Easy Nerf Storage Ideas

Is your Nerf habit getting a little… out of hand? You started with one blaster to jump into an occasional Nerf war with your buddies and then you decided to get a second blaster for your new dedicated role as sniper and then you needed a few accessories to increase capacity… We feel you.

If you’re the type of guy who isn’t really into a “Nerf wall” and wants to keep your hobby contained -- you know, so you can see your floor -- we’ve got you covered. Here are our top five picks for Nerf closet storage solutions that are cheap and easy to implement and won’t have your room looking like a Toys ‘R’ Us.

Cheapest, Easiest Nerf Storage Ideas

Storage Option: S-hooks hang Nerf Blasters in closet

1. Hang up your Nerf blasters.

Doesn’t get easier than this. Blasters are relatively inexpensive to acquire and once you begin your path down the rabbit hole, they can accumulate quickly. Their awkward shapes and sizes don’t really lend themselves to plastic bins under the bed, plus they could get damaged. Some people don’t like to commit to a permanent Nerf wall in their room or home. If you have a couple empty rods in your closet (or can move clothes to storage bins or a dresser), pick up some large s-hooks for a few bucks. In ten minutes or less, you’ll have a rack of Nerf blasters.

Storage Option: Nerf Blasters in a Wire Basket

2. Holster your Nerf blasters.

The picture here shows inexpensive wire shelving turned on its side to create a series of “holsters” for your Nerf blasters to stand upright. We like this one because the narrow shelves can go on the floor either on the side or in the back of the closet, allowing for some flexibility with your closet space. Having them upright also ensures they won’t get damaged. We’ve also seen this accomplished with a series of small garbage bins. If you have a ton of Nerf darts, go ahead and grab a plastic storage bin with small drawers for easy dart storage.

Storage Option: Hidden Nerf wall in closet

3. Concealed Nerf wall for your blasters.

If you’re not into a excessively large wall display of your Nerf blaster collection, opt for a smaller concealed version behind your closet door. Using the pegboard that you would use for a Nerf wall, build a smaller version on one of the closet walls or the back of the door. Pegboard is the Nerf wall material of choice because it gives you a lot of options and flexibility. You can easily change how you’re using the space and endlessly rearrange the board so you can accommodate as few or as many blasters as you need to.

Storage Option: Slatwall Nerf Closet

4. Slat board wall for Nerf storage

For a step up from pegboard, consider a “slatwall.” A slatwall is a material used for outfitting commercial spaces into stores. They work as display fixtures. The walls are typically wooden and are outfitted with grooves that fit a wide variety of merchandising display and storage attachments. Find a slatwall online that will fit easily into your closet, then search for slatwall hooks, pegs, shelves, and baskets to outfit your wall any way you’d like for storing Nerf blasters, darts, and accessories.

Storage Option: shoe rack Nerf blaster storage idea

5. Nerf blaster storage for the ultimate slacker.

    If your goal really is to just get them off the floor and out of the way, you can’t possibly find a cheaper, easier solution than a plastic back-of-the-door shoe rack. You can stick blasters, Nerf accessories, or darts in the pockets for easy access to everything you need for your next Nerf war.

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