Best Nerf Blasters for Your Playing Style

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How to Choose a Nerf Blaster

Take your preferred playing style into account when choosing your primary blaster for a Nerf war. As the designs and functions of plastic and foam-based weaponry become more complex, so have the various roles and rules of a Nerf war. Before you can dominate on the battlefield, you need to know which style of blaster is best suited for your strategy.

The flywheel style of Nerf blasters are operated by two battery-powered wheels that move at a rapid speed. A dart is pushed into the flywheels. The wheels then catch the dart and accelerate it through the blaster, sending it flying towards your target.


  • Semi-automatic: with just one pull of the trigger, each dart fired is significantly faster than one “pump” from the spring style Nerf blasters.


  • The constant humming of an electric motor, which doesn’t help for stealth attacks.
  • Flywheels require a few seconds to warm up before firing. If you pull the trigger before these Nerf blasters are warmed up, the dart will just fall out of the barrel.
  • Battery-operated, which means you’ll not only have to purchase batteries, but they can significantly add to the weight of the weapon.

The spring style of Nerf blasters requires you to pump a lever or trigger in order to fire a foam dart. The spring release blasters are air-powered. They use a spring to expel air, pushing the dart out of the blaster to the target.


  • No electric motor means that they’re quiet and perfect for stealth attacks.
  • No batteries, making them lighter and theoretically less expensive.
  • No warm up time, unlike the flywheels.


  • Slower fire rate.
  • They occasionally jam and jam more frequently than a flywheel. They are more challenging to unjam than the flywheels.

Apart from price (a Nerf blaster can get up to $75), consider factors like size, ammunition capacity, firing rate and range when arming yourself with an arsenal of squishy darts for combat. Of course, your playing style during a Nerf war should be your primary consideration:

1. Offensive Nerf Players

The offensive Nerf players, or “run-and-guns,” throw themselves headfirst into action. If you’re the type to charge fearlessly into the heat of battle, pick up a Nerf blaster with a quick rate of fire and high capacity for Nerf darts. Consider these Nerf blasters:

  • N-Strike Raider CS-35
  • N-Strike Elite Retaliator
  • N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18

Just be sure to bring a secondary weapon, such as the N-Strike Elite Disruptor, for when you run out of ammo. Another less bulky option is to grab a Nerf tactical vest and extra magazines.

2. Defensive Nerf Players

Defensive players in a Nerf war have a tendency to stake out one spot and stick to it. These players maintain a limited amount of movement within that area during the game. For defense, blasters that fire in powerful bursts at close range will be ideal. Consider these Nerf blasters:

  • Nerf Ballzooka
  • Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster

Mounted blasters and “heavy artillery” with large magazines are ideal for careful defensive players and a Nerf war battlefield that would accommodate this level of play.

3. Nerf Snipers

The most patient people on the Nerf war battlefield are the snipers. Designated snipers can be a great asset during a Nerf war, especially when you’re playing with large teams. Nerf sniper blasters fire darts from a long range with greater precision than those built for general offensive play. Consider these Nerf blasters:

  • N-Strike Longstrike CS-6
  • N-Strike Elite Centurion Mega Blaster
  • N-Strike Elite Mega Lightening Bow
  • N-Strike Elite CrossBolt

Look for accuracy and high capacity. To increase capacity, you could pick up an accessory like a shoulder strap for dart and magazine storage.

4. “My roommate invited me.”

Though different Nerf blasters have different functions and characteristics, those who are just in it for some fun can make any blaster work for them. For striking from a safe distance or getting up close and personal, check out Nerf’s Zombie Strike line. All of them have an average range, decent ammo capacity, and simple firing mechanisms.

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