How to Win a Nerf War

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Take cover. Don’t get shot. If you’re a Nerf enthusiast, you’ve heard it all when it comes to Nerf war strategies. For you Nerf newbs who would like to take it to the next level, we at Ray Squad have interviewed some lifelong Nerf war veterans to get their pro tips for how to win your next Nerf war. Be a Nerf newb no more.

How to Win a Nerf War in 7 Easy Steps

how to win a nerf war strategies

1. Choose the right Nerf blaster for you.

Consider size: larger, heavier Nerf blaster options are appropriate for stationary or defensive positions (such as the N-Strike Elite Rampage) whereas smaller options would be better for those on offense who need to be light on their feet (N-Strike Maverick). Also take into consideration whether you’re likely to be trigger-happy, running into the heat of the battle, or if you’re going to be a sniper and carefully consider each shot. From there you can narrow your choices down further to decide how much ammunition your Nerf blaster of choice will need to hold.

2. Stock up on Nerf ammo.

Now that you’ve carefully selected your Nerf gun, decide how much ammunition you’ll need. Regardless, it’s best to buy bulk nerf darts since you’ll lose some and damage som in the heat of battle. If you’re in it to win it, consider investing in a 600 darts for a 20-person game scheduled to last 1+ hours. Otherwise, you’ll be scrambling for ammo on the ground at the end of the game, when every dart counts.

3. Hide and be patient.

Eager beavers are going to come out swinging. Backpedal in the opposite direction of the trigger-happy set and watch them take each other out. Getting a wide-angle view of the scene will also help you get off some great, clear shots instead of flailing around with your Nerf blaster. This Nerf war strategy will also help you conserve your darts for the end of the game, when they count the most.

4. Stay low, stay stealth.

Once the feeding frenzy is over and the dust from the initial round has cleared, stay low at all times from a higher vantage point if possible. While it’s important to stay low and stay covered, don’t trap yourself by hiding under things such as picnic tables. It’ll make you a sitting duck to a sniper or anyone passing by who happens to spot you. Again, posting up away from the action with the best view will let you see the other team’s weaknesses and develop a plan of attack. Stay quiet -- let the other team forget you were there playing at all. It’ll make it that much more surprising when you take them all out.

5. There are no friends in a Nerf war.

This isn’t ‘Survivor’ and there are no alliances. There is only your team and the other team. It doesn’t matter if your best friend, your girlfriend, your sister, or your dog is on the other team: for the duration of the Nerf war, they’re the enemy. You can kiss and make up later. For now, everyone gets a foam Nerf dart to the tush.

6. Don’t fall for it.

Fall for what? Any of it. People shouting that they’re out of ammo, claiming they’ve been pegged in the eye. There are a few rules to a Nerf war, but not not many. Deception is definitely permitted. If someone is really injured, they’ll put their Nerf gun down and move out of the playing field. If they’ve still got their finger on the trigger, call bull hooey.

7. Don’t be 'that guy.'

You know the guy. The guy who takes everything too seriously. The guy who has the rule book memorized and can’t just let it go. While winning is fun, it isn’t everything. Nerf wars are essentially a high-tech water-balloon fight, except you get the added bonus of playing the game in dry underwear (with that logic, you could say everyone wins in a Nerf war). Don’t cheat: if you get hit, say you’ve been hit. If you hit someone else, call it and if they refute it: just drop it. It’s not worth stalling the game over. You’re there to have fun first and win second. Cheaters always get theirs in the end.

For more Nerf war strategies and Nerf gear, check out Ray SquadRemember to have fun out there and check out our VIP Club for amazing perks for Nerf lovers.

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