Sneakerheads: Nerf Nike Little Posite Pro Release

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Nike Nerf Little Posite Pro Release

From High Tops to High Fashion

It’s hard to believe that the first Nike shoes were made in a waffle iron, with the goal of creating training sneakers with a spikeless sole that allow for better traction on artificial surfaces. Today Nike is easily one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Nike shoes have gone from sneakers to a piece of fashion, with special releases and limited editions.

Nike has perfected collaboration as a creative tool and a platform for promoting both athletes and lifestyle brands. “Collaboration takes people from different worlds to places they might not have gone on their own,” says Nike CEO Mark Parker, “We look to our partners to provide an insight or skill or point of view that we may not have. By combining knowledge, we bring out the best in each other.”

Kanye West released a signature shoe, the Yeezy Boost and Karl Lagerfield of Chanel and Raf Simons of Dior created signature sneakers to send down their high-fashion runways. These days it seems that anyone or anything can inspire a Nike shoe, Nerf included.

Nerf is a 45-year old brand that finally experienced a significant and worrisome dip in sales in the beginning of 2011. The brand was almost entirely revived by its cult following, comprised mostly of adults who loved the toys when they were kids and began organizing Nerf wars as a way to get exercise and have some fun. This movement paved the way for the first Nike / Nerf collaboration.

2011 Nike Zoom KDIV Nerf Edition

Six years ago, Nike released a sneaker that played off basketball pro Kevin Durant’s love for Nerf sports. The shoe featured Nerf’s iconic palette of indigo blue, tangerine orange, and electric lime green with “KD35” printed on the tongue in Nerf’s typeface. To drive home the basketball theme, the sneakers came with a limited edition Nerf hoop and ball.

Nike worked directly with Hasbro and Kevin Durant, paying tribute to the player’s team and family with subtle details: a lightning bolt traction pattern on the outsole representing Durant’s, “Big Chunky” on the heel pays tribute to KD’s late childhood mentor and coach, and initials “WP” in the shape of a heart on each toe represent his parents. The limited edition releases, which originally retailed for $120, now sell for $1,500 to $1,750.

Kids Only: 2017 Nerf Nike Little Posite Pro

Unlike the 2011 Durant collaboration, the Nerf Nike Little Posite Pro is for kids only. The new rendition of the Air Foamposite Pro sports the vibrant Nerf neon color palette. This sneaker is a foamposite sneaker, designed to be ultra lightweight while maintaining structure and form. Between the throwback ‘90s, Nerf color palette and the play on “foam,” like the Nerf foam darts, the use of the word Nerf seems to more of a nickname this time around.

The sneakers should be available before the holidays for young Nerf fans. For ideas on how to beat boredom with Nerf sports, check out our other posts:

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