New Release: Nerf N-Strike Elite Accustrike RaptorStrike

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Nerf N-Strike Elite Accustrike RaptorStrike

August 2017 is officially ‘Nerf Fest’ and Hasbro is celebrating the upcoming release of the Nerf Nitro Motofury Rapid Rally, Modulus Regulator, Mega Twinshock Blaster, Zombie Strike Dreadbolt Bow, Doomlands the Judge Blaster, and the N-Strike Elite Accustrike Raptorstrike Blaster -- the one we’re reviewing here.

If you missed out on the blowout Amazon 1-day sale on Nerf Blasters (50% off!) on August 21, don’t worry. There will be plenty more opportunities for savings in the coming months as Hasbro ramps up its marketing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, likely with discounts on these newer models.

The latest model in the Nerf 2017 Accustrike series, the RaptorStrike, is a highly anticipated release next month as it’s rumored to be Nerf’s most accurate blaster, complete with a new take on the classic foam darts that have been redesigned for greater precision when firing.

What’s New with the Nerf N-Strike Elite Accustrike RaptorStrike

Models in the Accustrike series are supposed to be more accurate than previous blaster models, chiefly due to the redesigned foam darts, which feature spiraled tips. The RaptorStrike will still take classic Elite Nerf darts, though you won’t benefit from the improved level of accuracy.

Key Features of the Nerf RaptorStrike:

  • Greater Accuracy
  • 18 AccuStrike darts
  • Pop-up sight
  • Extendable bipod
  • Bolt-action

The RaptorStrike also comes equipped with two clips that feature a clear plastic window, so you can see how many darts you have left to use. Assembly is relatively simple for a blaster of its size. All you need to do is install the bolt and extendable bipod then secure the additional clip in the stock and you’re ready to roll.

The Verdict: Fun to Use, With or Without ‘Improved Accuracy’

Despite the bolt-action, the RaptorStrike fires surprisingly fast. The extending feature of the bipod also adds a lot of flexibility when you’re in sniper mode for setting up your shot. The only downside is that the bipod can lock up at times, even with the button release mechanism.

The pop-up sight is clearly meant as part of Hasbro’s “improved accuracy” marketing angle with the RaptorStrike, but since it isn’t magnified it doesn’t actually add much by way of being helpful. The addition of the AccuStrike darts really makes the scope pointless, as they’re absolutely carrying the weight of the improved accuracy function.

Another feature Hasbro added to the Raptorstrike is two triggers within the guard. One trigger is for firing and the other is for releasing the empty magazine. The concept is that you can fire and release an empty magazine in one seamless move. As a bonus, the grip is comfortable to hold and the rubber grooves secure to your hand to prevent slipping during play.

Overall, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Accustrike Raptorstrike is definitely fun to play with. If you’re into big blasters you’ll be a fan. If you’re someone who likes to play in ‘sniper mode,’ you will find the Raptorstrike lives up to its claims of accuracy, especially with the newly designed Nerf darts. The Raptorstrike releases in September and will retail for $99.

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