Nerf Beginners: Tips for Safely Modifying a Nerf Blaster

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Nerf Safety: How to Safely Modify Your Nerf Blaster

Why mod?

Modifying your Nerf blaster is a fun and interesting way to expand on your new hobby. When done safely, modding can be a fun lesson in physics and mechanics. Kids under 18 should always be in the presence of an adult when attempting a Nerf mod and walk through the project with an adult beforehand.

A modded blaster can shoot further and with more intensity compared to “fresh out of factory” blasters. This can give you the upper hand in your next Nerf battle. Cosmetic modding, when done correctly, yields beautiful results. It’s like creating your own work of art.

How does Hasbro feel about Nerf mods?

Nerf modding is a fun and creative hobby when done safely and correctly, but there are many kids and adults out there who are ruining it for the rest of us by making hazardous, painful, and dangerous mods.

Hasbro clearly states that “Safety is of the utmost concern for the company. Consumers should only use the foam darts designed for specific Nerf blasters and never modify the darts or blasters.

Find a Reliable Resource for Nerf Mod Tutorials

It’s important to understand the ins and outs of modifying your Nerf blaster. If mods are performed incorrectly, the modifications could drastically reduce performance or even render your blaster inoperable.

We advise against complicated modifications that involve extras like CO2 which could be dangerous when performed incorrectly, resulting in your blaster shattering or exploding. This is why many Nerf War leagues prohibit the use of CO2 mods or even mods involving batteries and voltage in their rules.

It’s critical to find a reliable resource for Nerf blaster mod tutorials. Don’t scan YouTube for the first video you find. Read the comments and reviews for advice and to see if the mod worked or if there were steps that the tutorial glossed over. Talk to your friends about tutorials that worked for them and didn’t work. If you’re a child under the age of 18, run the project by an adult and have them supervise.

Look for Internal Pictures of Your Blaster

Before you attempt a mod, scan the Internet for internal pictures of the inner workings and mechanics of your blaster. This should be possible for some of the more common blasters. When performing even basic mods, there is always a risk of losing parts, cracking plastic, or not being able to reassemble the blaster. Searching for these pictures is absolutely worthwhile to use as references during your modification before you crack it open. 

Necessary Tools for Nerf Modding

This will depend on the mod you have chosen to perform but the most common and basic tools you will need are:

  • #1 phillips head screwdriver
  • Small flat head screwdriver
  • ⅛ inch drill bit
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Duct tape, electrical tape, or glue
  • Gloves
  • Goggles (to shield your eyes if the plastic cracks)

For more complicated Nerf mods, you might need a dremel, conical grinding bit, cutting wheel, hacksaw, or epoxy, among other things.

Map Your Blaster Throughout Your Mod

For beginners, you might want a large piece of paper and a pen or pencil in your list of necessary tools. Trace your blaster on the paper and use the pen to mark which screws go where or even place them on the traced image.

You can jot down notes about the sequence in which you took the blaster apart to make it easier to reassemble. This should be particularly helpful, especially if you’ve found internal pictures of the blaster’s mechanics online to use as a reference.

Cosmetic Mods

You run the risk of damaging or completely immobilizing your blaster with many cosmetic mods as well. Extra caution must be taken to keep from locking up or sealing any moving parts. Without a few layers of a hard clear coat, paint can gum up areas where plastic slides across plastic.

Some people like to mimic weapons from popular video games and movies, but it’s important to NEVER paint your blaster black or make it look like a real weapon. Even with that tiny orange tip at the end of the blaster, it could be mistaken for a weapon by a cop. Keep your colors bright and vibrant and have fun with it!

We hope you find these safety tips helpful if you feel compelled to make your blaster your own. For Nerf War strategies and Nerf gear, check out Ray Squad. Remember to have fun out there and check out our VIP Club for amazing perks for Nerf lovers.

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