The Official Rules of a Nerf War

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Official Rules of a Nerf War

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Are you a Nerf newb? If you’ve been invited to your first of many Nerf Wars you’re probably researching the best strategies and gear for success. Easy tiger. You have to understand the rules before you can reach victory.

Nerf wars follow different rules in different parts of the country. Outlined here you will learn about East Coast and West Coast game variations. Each Nerf group or club also follows its own slightly different rules based on personal preferences.

The Nerf war rules you see here will offer a general outline for what you can expect. This information will also arm you with the correct terminology so you can sound like you know what you’re talking about when ask your friends to explain the rules in their Nerf club.

Honor Rules

Cheating. This rule should go without saying, but it bears repeating: no cheating! Cheating ruins the fun and sport of the game for every player, so don’t cheat. It sounds cheesy, but you’re only cheating yourself out of a fun experience. You also run the risk of getting caught and won’t be invited back for another game.

Arguing. No arguing. Arguing about whether you were hit brings the game to stop and ruins the flow and fun for everyone. You came to take part in a Nerf war, not join a debate club. If someone is lying about having hit you, they’ll get theirs in the end.

Safety Rules 

  1. No intentional face shots. Always wear eye protection during battle.
  2. No physical contact with other players. No pushing or hitting. No wrestling weapons away from people.
  3. When striking with a melee weapon, only tap the opponent.

General Rules

  1. Participants can use Nerf blasters only. No water guns or other weapon types. The game permits modified blasters, but none using CO2.
  2. When a referee calls a timeout (indicated by blowing a whistle) stop firing immediately.
  3. Do not throw or drop blasters. They break easily.
  4. Do not deliberately throw or shoot anything that outside the boundaries.
  5. You can loot participants that have been hit out of the game, but you cannot loot custom blasters. After the battle is over you must return all blasters. 

Combat Rules 

  1. Do not start the battle until the main whistle blows.
  2. Listen for the end-of-battle whistle (2 blows of the whistle) and report to the assembly area to record your points.
  3. Players lose a one hit point for each hit. 
    • East Coast Rules: Each player has five hit points. Once he is hit, he counts down from 20 slowly with his blaster held up in the air. He may pick up ammo and walk around, but is not allowed to fire and cannot be hit during this time. He counts down the last five numbers loudly and says “I’m in,” and is then back in the game.
    • West Coast Rules: Each player has ten hit points. There is no 20-second invulnerability period, but if several darts from the same automatic blaster hits him at the same time, this only counts as one point.
  1. All participants have two lives for most games. If you have been hit out of the game then you cannot communicate with other players.
  2. If you have been hit out of the game, remove yourself from the battle area so other players do not get confused and think you are still in the game.
  3. There is no friendly fire. Shooting allies on purpose or accidentally does not count as a hit.

We hope this guide helps prepare you for the first of what will hopefully be many Nerf war battles. For Nerf war strategies and Nerf gear, check out Ray Squad. Remember to have fun out there and check out our VIP Club for amazing perks for Nerf lovers.

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