Would You Rent a Nerf Battlefield for Your Next Nerf War?

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Nerf War Challenges: The Issue of Space

Finding a public space to hold a Nerf War can be a challenge. There are a dozen different requirements and considerations you need to account for when selecting a Nerf War battlefield:

  • Clear of people, especially young children
  • Access to public restrooms
  • Cover for people to hide behind
  • Selecting a backup location if your original spot is being used
  • Restricted mostly to weekdays due to crowds
  • Might need a permit from City Hall
  • Need to call your local Parks Department
  • Need to call your local Police Department

This is a lot of hoops to jump through. Paying to rent space in a school gym or local recreation center has it’s own set of complications, like constructing and carrying in portable bunkers and obstacles to create a challenging setup.

It’s for these reasons that a new trend has emerged: paintball companies offering up their battlefields for rent for either paintball or Nerf games. While your nearest paintball field may be farther than the closest park, the ease of planning and scheduling is making the paintball fields a more attractive offer.

Paintball Companies Offer a Nerf War Alternative

Paintball’s popularity has gone through waves, peaking in the mid-to-late 90s. Small business owners in the paintball industry feels the stress the way that any other recreational business does during economic dips. The paintball fields are also relatively inexpensive to set up, so when the economy is booming, more paintball businesses will pop up further cutting into profit.

Nerf has seen similar ups and downs, but is no doubt surging in popularity in 2017 -- not only with kids, but with adults who loved the toys as children who are now organizing recreational Nerf wars. Today, paintball’s bread and butter are events such as birthday parties and bachelor parties. Nerf Wars don’t have a “season.” Nerf enthusiasts play recreationally all year round, just like paintballers in the ‘90s.

That said, many paintball companies looking to diversify their income are creating alternate uses for their paintball fields: from water gun fights in the summer to constructing indoor facilities so they can remain open in the winter. The latest “cash cow” for paintball is renting their spaces for year-round Nerf Wars.

Depending on your location, $15 - 25 will get you access to either an indoor or outdoor course for two hours. In some locations, Nerf is only offered in the indoor facilities because cleanup of the Nerf darts is easier. Just as with paintball, Nerf blasters are provided for the super-newbs and Nerf-curious, but we’re betting you’d like to bring your own. This is usually permitted, but it’s best to call ahead to make sure you can bring your own. Also the Nerf blaster you bring cannot be modified.

One of the added conveniences of renting a paintball facility is that they provide the Nerf darts and take care of the cleanup. All you have to bring is your blaster, your Nerf accessories, and your friends. Would you rent a Nerf battlefield for your next Nerf war?

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