Target & Storage Bag

Target & Storage Bag

 What you get:

  1. One (1) Target & Storage Bag

Safe your darts in a good spot and also get your aim better!

We know it, it's annoying to miss all the shots at Nerf Wars, worry not, you can always get better. 

Another thing we already know, it's stressful to have darts all over the place, even after a day of playing with them you still find some hidden on that dark corner, get your stuff together with this bag too.

As simple as it reads!

Want to hit those guys like if you were Deadshot from DC Universe? Well, he is a superhero, and he uses real ammo so he doesn't need to worry about catching his bullets after playing with them, but you certainly can try to be as good as him with this target bag!

Prove to the rest, you're the best!

You have that friend too? That one that always says he's better than you in any level? Now he needs to prove that, show him who is the real champ with this target bag, this is going to be the only thing you will need to set a competition between you and that inferior dude, the target bag is not going to move anywhere, doesn't have to be nailed to any site, you can move it as you desire, also we think you can pack the tears of your enemies there too. 

Your Satisfaction Is Our #1 Priority!

We confidently back our exclusive target bag with an ironclad, full refund guarantee!

This product ships internationally from China.